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Home Is Where The Heart Is - A Note To India And Pakistan This Eid

A note to India and Pakistan this Eid

I can fly to London as frequently as I wish, and yet it pains me that I cannot step into my own brothers’ homes in Lahore – homes where a measure of my heart resides.

The statesmen can preserve the border dispute and celebrate blood with blood to satisfy their insignificant vendettas as long as their agendas exist, BUT we, the people, do not want anything to do with this, so this Eid please present us this Eidee India and Pakistan. Return us our lives. Allow us the comfort to breathe the same air our brothers’ breathe for nothing can be dimmer than that a nation has the right to butcher me simply because my brothers’ live on the other side of a line and that our people have had a quarrel, even though I have not quarrelled with him. 

So this Eid please give us this Eidee India and Pakistan, will you? Give us our freedom to BE. Give us the canvas to express our true LOVE, something we both feel EVENLY for each other.

- Farahdeen 

This dedicated to my younger brother Ali Mohammed Zafar and my Kidd Danyal Zafar, who are my life. 

To my alter ego, my brother Imran Abbas Naqvi, he and I know how the loss of loved ones has welded us, and what we have gone through due to that loss together, yet apart. 

Also, to the one man Fawad Afzal Khan who has unfastened the locks of such floodgates between our nations that one can truly see how love defeats any semblance of hate. 

And of course my Zain Zafar. Can I ever forget you? Never!