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Endorsements Gone Awry

The Indian advertising industry these days seems to be getting it wrong especially when it comes to some actor endorsements that simply don’t ‘fit in’ for their campaigns according to me. Presently, there is a television spot showing John Abraham talking about one of their many products. Undeniably, his body is more widely discussed than his brains, but one look at him when he isn’t showing skin and one would see that his inner nature which is so lucidly reflected in his actions lends a far more profound character to his personality than his mere six packs. And even if his six packs have been over-exposed, there's still a lesson in that to be learnt – that a fitter mind and body leads to a fit and thriving life. 

However, I am unable to comprehend how the same brand has selected a female actor who oozes saccharine, but lacks grace and poise to promote their product for the female audience. I am sure these chaps had their reasons. Somehow, these days, everyone has reasons for whatever they do.


Tai Chi - Yoga - Body Balance

Did a class of it on Saturday and LOVED it. Neelanjana, or otherwise known as Neel, was my guru and she is simply marvellous. She takes you through the process with such warmth and ease that it is surely a delight. Try it guys, you'll love the movement, the balance and above all the peace.


Julian and Farahdeen

This is something that transpired between my buddy from Brazil, Julian and me, couple of days ago and I thought it was worth sharing. Here is the conversation as it happened on chat -

Friday 21st May 2010

23:49 Me: Juliano! There bro?
23:50 Julian: Hello bro. Howz things?
23:51 Me: Undulating bro. For the first time when life is rather calm, I find myself at sea.
23:52 Julian: ?
23:53 Me: It seems like I have lost focus. Like I'm stuck in this abyss.
23:59 Julian: Who is there to blame in the absence of yourself?
00:00 Me: I need to find myself bro. I have to!
00:01 Julian: You will, it's there, inside you. Just let the monster inside you come on out and play.
00:02 Me: Its more like I tease the scars that never felt a wound.


00:43 Julian: How can I help?
00:44 Me: The more I try to avoid suffering the more I suffer.
00:45 Julian: To love anything is to suffer, my brother.
00:46 Julian: Bro, it may sound like a cliché but all you need lies within. Face the fear and you will create more courage. Be brave.
00:48 Julian: Suck it up, suck the pain. Love it. And leave it.
00:49 Me: Let me be my own psychologist. My own physician.
00:50 Julian: Not without my help though :)
00:51 Me: No doubt about that, bro. No doubt ever.



I am shocked at the recent news about Times Square. Don’t these chaps realise that by planning or committing such heinous acts they are not only destroying the trust that people have in people but also wiping out any semblance of normality for their family for generations to come? Why can’t the Muslim youth of today put their intelligence to constructive development of the mind, the body, of science and the soul than indulging in such shameful deeds?


Café Noir - U B City

I was not very happy to learn that the new café coming up in place of where the old pâtisserie Ecstasy and Addiction once stood was owned by the same management as the nearby Toscano. I say this because my experiences in Toscano were slightly unpleasant, both in food and service, but since I had heard well of Café Noir I attempted to sample the eatery in spite of my reservations.

Although it is situated in the ever-buzzing food court of UB City, the restaurant manages to clench guests with its casual ambience of a perfectly Parisian outdoor café. No restaurant is greater than the people who make it so and that’s the exact impression you get right from when you set foot inside Café Noir.

The courteous staff greeted me with cordiality while I sat in the patio and glanced through the bread, pastries and fine foods menu. Hitesh Tulsani, the young and smart chap waiting on me recommended a drink that he said would be made specifically for me by the barman. In no time my drink arrived and Hiten requested that I suggest a suitable name for it. Upon becoming aware of the ingredients (please try it out there) I called it Traffic Jam. Back to the restaurant the following weekend with friends, I saw that Traffic Jam was indeed put up on the menu under the ‘Barman Specials’ section. I thanked them for the kind gesture and they offered me another delicious mélange that I christened Angel Wings. I have only praises for the barman Purushotham Reddy and his enjoyable concoctions.

Not only had the staff obtained my loyalty by virtue of their kindness and careful attention, I also soon found the similar warmth in the owner Thierry Jasserand. A bright and polite gentleman, on most days you can see Thierry chatting with guests with utmost interest, and you can distinguish that the nature of his parley does not stem from formality but instead he genuinely enjoys putting everyone at ease while they are at his restaurant. During one of our many conversations I was happy to learn that he refrains from using mass-produced factory produce at the restaurant because he despises the chemicals, additives and preservatives normally found in them and instead has nearly all of their ingredients delivered fresh to the restaurant everyday.

One evening when I saw the tempting French style savoury tarts I asked Thierry whether they made anything in particular for health-conscious people like me. He smiled widely and told me that in French cuisine there was no ‘in-between’ so either you had the sugar, mayo and cream, or you just didn’t. I succumbed to his words and indulged in a delectable chocolate pastry and a lip-smacking salad with pasta drizzled with pesto sauce, chicken and some crunchy fresh onion, red and green capsicum and lettuce leaves. Noticing me enjoying the salad, he informed me with a twinkle in his eyes that they were soon planning to add a typical French dinner menu with red, rosé and white wines that ought to make the place perfect to linger over a simple but traditional satisfying meal.

My bill surprised me; I found it incredibly reasonable for the al fresco location and the ‘French art de vivre’ that the restaurant represents and it truly sticks to the motto of being able to pamper yourself by the affordable price-points that is sheer luxury even if visited on a regular basis too.

Café Noir is a place not to be missed not only for many reasons: the inspiring interiors, the fantastic food that makes it an immense success and the simplicity in which they offer the guests a little affordable luxury to indulge in every day. But most importantly, it is the souls behind it that make this place so very marvellous and there is no doubt that once you set foot in here you will discover one of the most satisfying dining experiences.