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“What do you get when you meld whiskey, wine and vodka, my kiddo?”


“You get drunk That’s what you get.”


“Naah!” I say, “What you get when you meld whiskey, wine and vodka is a heroically outstanding spot of kindred spirits in a single, walking and talking embodiment, and that embodiment is you my kiddo!” 


“Headache!” He exclaims, rolling his eyes giving me the expression in this picture.




“That concoction will result in a headache if you happen to remember what happened to begin with… just like you,” he pauses and emphasises as he continues mischievously, “are my biggest headache!” 


Both of us burst out laughing boisterously as he gives me a quick hug and dashes away.

I don’t know about you all, but my little brother is the coolest I tell you.