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My younger brother Imran conveyed something utterly vital today for world peace, and I am sharing it with you verbatim. 

“May Allah bless every human being and protect both countries against the horrifying state of war and nuclear/mass destruction. 

Unfortunately, both countries are effected by terrorism, and both are struggling for the same basic goals – but sometimes – in the heat of the moment, we all forget that if we join hands we will be stronger. It is no use fighting with each other. This is, sadly, more political. We all are friends and respect each other, but politics and media does not help. 

We both are peace loving nations, but we have been used and exploited by super powers for their personal gains. War is never the answer, no matter what the question is. 

I condemn all the hate speech and war mongering through social media and other channels. War-related jokes, meme’s and any other means of mudslinging are NOT FUNNY. 

We will not get sucked with this. 

#StandUpForPeace #SayNoToWar”

Don’t my younger brother’s words sum it all up most pristinely? Can we please keep our heads on our shoulders and be champions of peace and love. Bloodshed, hate, it takes us nowhere. Fire destroys everything in its wake, it does not stop to see caste or creed, it turns everything to ashes. 

Let us, collectively, fight hate, and not each other. And as my brother fittingly says, let us stand up for peace and say no to war.