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Fine Art Nudes

The human form is my muse if I may call it that. I adore how the contours of our bodies lend it the elegance or ugliness it reflects. I find the tonality in the muscles as the highest form of art. So when I find myself in the mood to paint, I draw from things around me, people, images, thoughts, and just about anything that triggers my urge to paint and then I let myself go loose on the canvas. These are some of my experiments in oil on canvas on the male and female nude series. 

A watercolour done sometime after college. 

Contemporary Art

These are attempts at contemporary art. Sometimes one never knows what the brush yields. I began to follow my heart and this was the result. 

Must have seen something like this somewhere on my travels. It stayed in my head and I do remember trying to recreate something on the same lines. Had found the idea of the couple in the abstract form rather interesting. The colours too were striking, yet in harmony. 

Oil on Ceramic Tiles

We had an apartment that was in Richmond Town. When I would find it jarring to hear my parents arguing between each other I would escape to the apartment and live quietly to myself, although our house in Brooke Fields was quieter than the apartment in Richmond Town but for the traffic in Richmond Town and the voices of my parents in Brooke Fields. One morning I heard a minor tumble while taking a shower. I wiped away the soap bubbles from over my face and tried to peek about with narrow eyes about what might have caused the crashing of surely glass. To my amazement I found a tile had found itself on the marble floor of the shower area. I let the water run over my head and inspected the spot. The grouting had given way. Bound to I reckon: it was a twenty-five year old building. I washed the tile and let it rest in the dry side of the bathroom when a thought occurred that I could as well paint on it. I pulled my oil paints out and began drawing a sketch with the thinnest brush and but naturally the paint did not stay since the tile had a smooth surface. Sand paper did the trick and by evening I had begun my first coat of oil painting on Johnson & Johnson Ceramic Tiles. 

So there you go, that was my first painting on the same ceramic tile that fell off the shower area. 

I apologise for the distractions on the glass. Lesson learnt is that matt glass works better any day than reflective glass, something I hadn't realised when I framed them all those years ago. How could I? I didn't know I shall have a website of mine one day :-) 

After that I began painting on tiles every once in a way. Some of them I have framed at home and most of them I have given away as gifts. The ones that remain with me I am posting here.