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Cigarette Smoking! Really?

Cigarette smoking causes the penis to shrink an inch every 3 to 5 years.

Read that on Health Facts.

Well, for starters, I cannot in all earnestness fathom how the scientists arrive at such hideous hypotheses. If one were to use that postulate as a measure of truth, then I should be sans a penis as I sit authoring this piece!

How about women? What happens to them dear researchers? Will you now try and acquaint us with the fact; a thoroughly empty one at that, that smoking would shrivel their breasts and as a consequence their upper body would resemble the nipples of the male chest?

I understand the medical fraternity wants people not to smoke (mostly for their own good) but that does not mean that they use the penis which, according to their psychological logic, might be wanting to frighten men armed with the assumption that the man’s most coveted possession is indeed his penis. The same applying to women and their breasts!

Come on clowns, grow up and engineer creative ways to work around the human mind.