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Ritesh M D'sa

Please don't be fooled by this man's innocent looks; he is remotely so! In fact he is no less fierce than the beasts in the left half of the picture - he is all of them, and, perhaps several more of them packed into him. I say this only because he killed me at my first personal training session with him today. But then again, Ritesh is the kindest friend you tend to find only once in a way and definitely the most genuine person you come across only one in a million.

Although the training session with him was punishing, I appreciate how he used his athletic skills to the utmost in making sure he assessed me rightly in order to chart out a definitive route in the weeks to come. Also, I cannot deny that at some point, and rather strangely, since I do not react this strongly to my gym regimen, began to feel my lips go dry and my head go woozy. Like a gentleman, who only needs a hint and not words to express anguish, he had me sit down immediately and disappeared behind the staff room door only to emerge with a banana that he made me eat. Once I had recovered from the sudden rush of blood flow to my head he informed me that it was not weakness or my inability to workout that lead to me feeling dizzy, but the real culprit was lack of sleep. He was clearly unhappy with my 3-4 hours of sleep daily and admonished me with such kindness that like a motor needs to be turned off to function better, or for that matter the radiator of the car warrants rest, else it begins to smoke up, a body too needs adequate rest in order to function harmoniously.

Ritesh – thank you, bro, for making all the difference. I will surely give you what you want for all the effort you would be investing in me, not because it's what you do best, but because you are an amazing human being and one of the best buddies one can only dream to have.