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Vikram Baderiya with Shraddha Baderiya

Vikram is many things to the world. Celebrity. Entrepreneur. Artist. But to me is just my best friend whom I have loved every moment of our friendship. These days it is a fancy to call people family for the sake of effect, but in a world so filled with the superfluous, you truly consider yourself blessed if you have people like Vikram in your life. Like they say a friend is a brother who was once a brother, and Vikram and Gagan are that and more family than family to me, and every year has only cemented us to remain united and together, forever. And family is like that, isn't it? We do our own thing. Love. Fight. Agree. Disagree. And yet when the time comes when brothers agree, no fortress is strong as their common life. That is how we four, Gagan, Vikram, Rahul and I are, living our lives, still, one another's strength. What's more? We never have to make it evident, we do not have to prove it, or brag about it, and that is the beauty of us - we just are!

Chotu Jr (what Gagan, Rahul and I fondly address Vikram as) is someone who will unhesitatingly give you the last morsel of his food if ever a moment arose where that was the only food left, and only one person could have it in order to survive. That is Vikram to those whom he loves, and yes, we all love him with the same ardour. Standing there and watching my Chotu Jr in the mandap filled me up with such a great sense of pride. And man, he was the hottest groom alive today and looked smashing.

Love you, Chotu Jr. Love you from the core of my heart and soul. 

Love you Gagan. Love you Rahul and love all four of us (me included) just as madly. 

Be blessed.

The third and fourth photographs of our Chotu Jr (Vikram Baderiya) taken by Chotu Sr (Rahul Karnani) and the first two by me.