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Albert Camus And Ali Zafar - Similar Minds Different Times

The Century of Fear was an article published in Combat in 1948 by Albert Camus and he said –

“The years we have just gone through have killed something in us. And that something is the old confidence man had in himself, which always led him to believe that he could elicit human reactions from another man if he spoke to him in the language of humanity. We have seen men lie, degrade, kill, deport, torture - and each time it was not possible to persuade those who did these things not to do them, because they were sure of themselves and because one cannot persuade an abstraction, i.e., the representative of an ideology. Mankind’s dialogue has just come to an end. And, naturally, a man who can’t be persuaded is a man to be feared”.

The year is 2016. The world is in utter disarray. As much as people are sure of themselves, they are also unsure, not so much because of anything in particular, but mainly due to their negligence as it is no secret that man is entirely responsible for his own ignorance. If Albert Camus had said what he had to say in those words way back then about humanity, my younger brother Ali Zafar has said more, and in words much fewer on the existing atrophic methods of the world. While Camus is Camus, our Ali is Ali, and while Camus shaped the time he lived in, our Ali is shaping the time he is living in.

In Defence of Honour was an anecdote that was published on Saturday 2:52 PM – 16th Jul 2016 on Twitter by Ali Zafar

“If women started killing us to protect their honour, a lot of us would be dead!”