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Ali Zafar - Jee Dhoondta Hai


Singer : Ali Zafar
Album : Jhoom
Poetry : Mirza Ghalib

This song is composed and sung by Ali Zafar.


Intolerance, returning awards, protest marches and more...

Returning awards or protest marches won't change a thing. What needs to change are mind sets. And that won't be changing in our lifetime.

Intolerance has existed from the inception of humankind; sensibility remains in finding a pathway and keep walking. Mudslinging is entirely impuissant.

If people spew hatred, they are merely making a spectacle of their inner turmoil. It is fear that makes people react irrationally. Let them.

Pay attention to the positive in the negative, and like I aforementioned, find a middle path and keep walking. Shut your ears while at it.

Keep in mind that you can reason with those who are reasonable. Arguing with fools will leave the world confused about who is a bigger fool.



Ali Zafar - Tip To Happiness

Remove/block/delete/ignore all negative people/thoughts/ideologies/comments and if need be rise to the occasion with grace. 

~ Ali Zafar 


Why I Collect Antiques

People often ask me why I collect antiques. Whether it's to show them off, or, to flatter my own ego that while someone is spending one crore, on say, an automobile, I am spending double the amount on a pair of hand painted vases or tableware. Those who know me, know I care less about judgemental people, or how they perceive me. But, yes, when I see antiques, I always admire them, and when they greet me like old friends do, then I know I have to give them the love and care that friends bestow on friends. 

I also have to admit that I am taken away by their delicacy. Their finery of detail. About how strange it is that since the paint had first dried on the glass, porcelain, wood or metal, not one, not two, but several generations had been born, had planned, had dreamed, had coped with love, life, disappointment and sadness, and had died, and it is indeed a privilege that I am even able to touch and hold something that precious and rare and so full of having survived history in the 21st Century that seems so devoid of beauty in objects of daily usage. I also wonder if only each of these pieces had a voice then I could only imagine how many stories they would tell. In a nutshell, it's just about that: passion, and a love for history, and the preservation of its beauty. And what's more? I still get to keep my coveted cars as well.

Images Copyright (c) Farahdeen Khan

Location: My House