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St Peter's Basilica Dome

St Peter's Dome is the most renowned work of Renaissance architecture. Inside, it tends to dwarf you, and leaves you overwhelmed. Designed principally by Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno and two of my favourites, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, it is a Basilica every Baroque, Rococo enthusiast must visit once in their lifetime.



This image by Filip Bogdan titled Going Nowhere - Bucharest, 2007 is such an eye opener. The traffic police in Bangalore try in vain to bring some semblance of order on the roads. Will we ever be this organised in our chaotic cities in India. I wish someday we did inculcate order in us. We must remember that change cannot be sought about from the government or the police. We can rely on them only for policy, law and order. However, it is each one of us who have to be responsible citizens and role models for the others to follow suit. Unless we make the change in ourselves we cannot expect miracles in our surroundings.


VOSS Water Bottle

The story goes such…

Early February I noticed my friend Sid’s fingers clasped around what I would call a piece of art. A design aficionado, its slender glass body caught my attention. “You like it,” exclaimed Sid observing my interest in it. “It is lovely, yes,” I answered, and then we spoke about everything else under the sky.

After that day in early February, I met Sid only last evening. He gave me a warm hug, which is customary Sid, and we began our humorous digs at each other, when he halted midway our razzing and darted away to his gym bag and turned around. “Here,” he said handing me the bottle of VOSS water I had admired in his hands the last time we had met, “this is for you!”

For moments like these you thank god for having surrounded you with the most remarkable people. Thank you my dear, Siddharth Poojari, for your thoughtfulness and love!

Photograph of the bottle and ginger jar taken at my house. Need I say more about Sid. He is one of India's best dressed men!


C'est Une Belle Vie - Life Is Beautiful


Marilyn Monroe Mosaic

Stunning Marilyn Monroe Mosaic by Italian company SICIS: The Art Mosaic Factory. 


A Simple Concept - Ali Zafar

My brother's prophetic words!

The day we understand a simple concept, that we are all but an extension and a part of each other, there will be no self-justification to harm. 


Dulquer Salmaan

This kid is magic. He has a sea inside. 


Mr Burberry campaign directed by Oscar-winning British director Steve McQueen

Exactly what each weekend ought to constitute: steamy, sensual, and, oh, downright dirty!

Steve McQueen most beautifully creates this atmosphere for the new fragrance Mr Burberry by my ‘casual’ dressmakers since my school days.

Strangely, reactions to this short, which I LOVE by the way, have been rather varied. I find people protesting about the sensuality, and I quite wonder why? We all do the dance of foreplay – it is a human essential, and those who negate it are being most untrue to themselves.

Moving back to those who are finding this video violating their sensibilities, well, I would like to ask them if they mask their eyes while getting down to doing it? Or do they do it with their clothes on? If your response to those queries tilts even an inch in favour of them, then I am afraid you ought to desist from traversing in the normal world, and get yourself most urgently on a psychologist’s chair.  

My two quid of tutoring – grow up world. Grow up before it is too late. Despite all the effort if you still find yourself unable to fire ‘it’ up, then please go back to the cradle, because that is just about the only time in one’s life one would feel no tingling where it is supposed to tingle.

Glad Burberry is keeping with times. 


Ali Zafar and Subi Samuel on Parental Protection by Lladró

Men are usually blamed of being a bit stingy in expressing their affection towards their children. Truth is that a father loves his child as much as the mother, only that majority of them are imprisoned to the ways of the world that dictates that the male stays stoic at all times. Given such circumstances, a father’s love epitomises itself quite clearly in one word – protection. And it is for this precise reason that I fell in love with the sculpture Parental Protection by Lladró: it most handsomely depicts the vulnerable side of a man sans drama.

When I think of the men who are vulnerable around me, my mind instantly draws two men from the assortment of my mental faculties – Ali Zafar and Subi Samuel. Both are not your ‘typical’ men entrapped within the clichés of the world. They are publicly expressive of their love to their children, as they are utterly devoted to them.

Ali knows that your children need your presence more than your presents, just as Subi knows that the trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.

Ali knows that the two lasting gifts he can give his children are stronger roots and freer wings, just as Subi knows that no matter how grown up they become, or how different, he would always remain their preferred toy.

Their children are their coveted sculptures, the finest representation of parental protection in real time, in flesh and blood, in concrete and creative form.

Ali with his son Azaan