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(Hold it there, guys! I only meant my Sony Ericsson).


The Station Agent - 2003

What can I say, this is a movie all of us have to ingest and digest with utmost care. It is so very much close to life that if you haven't seen the film, then you quite haven't seen life.

I loved The Visitor by Thomas McCarthy as much as I have loved The Station Agent and now I am eagerly waiting to see Pixar's Up because Thomas is the screenwriter of Up. Whether it was his acting in Saint Maybe that left an unmistakable impression on all of us, or whether its his films that make us rethink our perspective on life, yet subtly, this is a man who has been providing us rather steadily with such marvellous cinema that there is nothing else really we can do other than bow and thank him for it.

Thomas McCarthy, thank you for your brilliance, and Thomas McCarthy, keep them coming!


The Green Zone - 2010

From the opening first shot, the action thriller The Green Zone, is utter chaos, but upon looking closely you figure that surely there's a sense of immense clarity to the chaos. The less said the better about the film because you have to see it to know what you are seeing, and if you have seen it, and not 'seen' it, then you haven't seen anything.

Cheers to the writer Brian Helgeland, director Paul Greengrass, actor Matt Damon and everyone else involved on the film, without forgetting journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran whose non-fiction book Imperial Life in the Emerald City the movie is credited to be inspired from.

A movie surely not to be MISSED.


Up In The Air - 2009

I happened to see the film last night and what a useless waste of time it was. It had nothing new to offer in terms of story, dialogues, visuals, talent or sensibility. I wonder why people made such a fuss about something this mediocre.

However, the title design is something that's worthy of a mention. It has been designed simple, yet smart and only for that has it earned a place on my blog.

PS: Watch it only if you want to spend 108 minutes of your precious time, you could otherwise use having a conversation with someone you would rather want to, and make real connections with, than the garbage shown about connections in this film.

PS - I LOVED the poster and the stills though :-)