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Let’s Spread It Out - Imran Abbas

While we think that we have attained great success in life, we forget that it is also our moral responsibility to guard our culture. Majority of the people are merely absorbed in their own professional growth and tend to neglect the most essential fact that with professional growth one requires personal growth 'deen' in equal measure as well. Once again my brother Imran has highlighted a vital point that many others 'may think about often', but do not care to voice the same with such balance and clarity. Leaving you with his rumination. 

"Cannot understand the point of writing the verses of the Holy Quran on the front page of this “daily” each day. These newspapers are slid under the door, thrown on the floor, later used for wrapping stuff, and eventually thrown away in the garbage. Do we actually need this religious enlightenment through newspapers, or, do we not have our Quran Pak with us? Wouldn’t people have banned a nation and its products if something like this were to happen in an Non-Islamic state for disrespecting the Quran and Allah's name?

I request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and stop this disrespect of our Holy Quran as soon as possible."

- Imran Abbas

Monday, 11th July 2016

Photograph of Imran Abbas by Farhan Naqvi at Oxford Street-London.