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Waitrose Packaging

I LOVE nearly ALL of the Waitrose packaging design. Every label, irrespective of the product, is like owning the finest art. Here is one such example.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini - The Life

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) sculptor, architect, painter and playwright was the most influential artist of seventeenth-century Rome and indeed, one of the leading creative forces in European art for most of that century. He is universally recognised as one of the creators of the vastly popular Roman Baroque style, which was quickly disseminated throughout all of Europe. His influence lasted well beyond his death, and the popularity of his numerous works: fountains, statues, churches, and public squares is today as great as it was during his own lifetime, if not more so.

I am a great fan of Bernini, and this book that I am presently reading is fascinating.