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When A Photographer Photographs A Photographer

When a photographer photographs a photographer who will be the other photographer to photograph this photographer so that the photographer who photographed the first photographer and the photographer who photographed the second photographer are in the photograph while photographing a photographer who photographs the photographer.


In An Extended Sense

In an extended sense, all the uneasiness of the human being are unceasing, no matter what their sphere of action may be. Life, like the weather, is uncertain. No man can tell how soon, or in what form, death may overtake him. Nor is our wisdom always proportionally accurate. Much depends, moreover, on the state of our health. As youth comes but once, so opportunities never repeat themselves, or if they do, the circumstances are not so favourable to our seizing them. It is therefore necessary to make the best of those that come our way. Like the diligent farmer we should always be mindful to make the sunshine of opportunity serve our needs. The man who takes things easy, who is always putting off till tomorrow what he should do today, who does not strike while the iron is hot, will soon find himself in the predicament of the farmer whose hay, not having been made while the sun shone, is ruined by a change in the weather. One ought to grab the opportunities while they are within our grasp and use them to the best advantage, to labour, in other words, while health and strength are still with us, against a day when we shall be deprived of one or the other, or both.

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