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There are some people I know, they are shrewd and calculative, and they so smoothly kiss arse, using their charisma to tap into the good nature of friends in the media in order to have their efforts covered in their publications. Such spongers are dime a dozen, and I call them bees, because where there’s honey, there you’ll find bees, though, I quite wonder, how these friends (who have reached such vantage positions) end up being deceived by such media-hungry manipulators that they end up giving them unwarranted spotlight. How can they be fooled by those fooling them. 

TIP: Ask the same people who are kissing arse to go to a PR agency who would handle their publicity at a cost, and you will see how these supposedly compassionate and approachable persons will fail to even recognise you the next time. 

FURTHER TIP: We must be helpful no doubt – that is basic human nature, but we ought to choose wisely whom we ought to help, and the one’s we choose to help ought to be the ones who truly deserve it. Do not waste time and energy on individuals who are selfish and gentle with you for nothing but their personal wants.

- It’s not just music or sports but also books. The books that people say they like reveals so much about them – quite the vivid indicator of whether you are going to connect with each other or not.

- Food chains, coffee chains, cell phones, all of those were part of the whole corporate homogenisation endeavours. They ruined the very charm of desire. Living all in the past is lunacy, but keeping bits of the past that you adore most alive in the present is alluring.

- If you want to inculcate an artistic bent in them, read them from books of art. Familiarise them at home with pictures of paintings. Taking an infant to an art gallery is borderline child abuse. You have to let them grow up a bit to understand art.

- Obey no one
(until you understand what they are demanding).
Respect everyone 

(until you understand if they deserve it).

- Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. So if someone means something to you, just break that wall and make them feel that you care enough.

- Stop believing that you ran out of time to actually change and get better. Stop believing that you don’t have the potential. You are not a lifeless object. You have endless opportunities to grow and evolve. You still have time to be your greatest self.

- Reading a book on the screen is a rather unsatisfactory experience, almost like kissing a girl through a windowpane.

- Mental wellness is awfully important, as important as physical wellness. Take good care of your mind, and the way you speak to yourself. Don’t let anything or anyone dampen your spirits or weaken your strength. Stay strong. Stay healthy. Mentally, and physically.

- The violence we see rampant is discharged from boredom with life, and we have no available patterns into which it fits, no solutions for the questions it raises, and, as yet, no social or political formulations that use indifference toward prosperity and success as a starting point for new commitments.

- There will come a time when only the rats are left on the ship; eating with the captain, or eating the captain.

- As you become more aware of your true self, you'll start to take conscious control over your life. You'll no longer be a victim of circumstances, but rather a creator of your reality. Everything in your life is about that change. Be a little more patient and trust the process.

- Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, said T S Eliot.

- Love people. That’s enough.

- Don’t ever feel the need to prove yourself to anyone to be liked or appreciated. Being accepted by others when you don’t accept yourself is just an illusion and a temporary feeling. Real happiness and joy comes from accepting yourself and being authentic with your intentions.

- You don't need to buy people things for them to like you. The people who matter to you and to whom you matter don't care for your gifts, they only care for how much you care and how much time you can spend with them. It is love that matters where it matters, nothing else. Really.

- Sleeping is a cure to forget about pain/problems/stress & everything for a while, BUT, ‘only for a while’ - so don’t sleep over things: work on them to overcome them. Challenge them. Break your mould. Unlearn to relearn. And once you have done something to make it better - sleep.

- People will judge you no matter what you do. So you might as well do what you want to do.

- Quit sugar. Quit refined flour. Quit carbohydrates. Quit gluten. Quit oil. At this rate why don’t we quit breathing itself, eh. Silly research, and even sillier the people who follow this nonsense. Eat in moderation and keep active. That’s enough!

- TODAY will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.

- The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass. Cherish such people.

- I sometimes wish that I don’t get to live long enough to have someone attend to me. It is such a handicap for the one growing older and the people attending on you. 
And this thought is resonating with a lot of people around me too - if only we knew when the light would go out in our lives. Alas, we assume we know everything but that. Providence telling us that no matter how advanced or intelligent you are my fellow humans - the switch, ultimately, is in my hands.
Times like these do help clarify life’s essentials.

- Success isn't something given to you on a platter – it is but earned. So go out there, work bloody well hard, and make your dreams come true!

- . . . because real friends are family, so do not be carried away by the ‘blood is thicker than water’ rubbish we are all raised on.

- More often than not people ask me – Why do you buy these things? You could as well buy a car in that same amount you pay for a single piece of porcelain! I always set to wonder how some could ask me such puerile questions, and then one day I told myself that the very fact that they draw an analogy between a mass-produced automobile and an exclusive article of art made and completed entirely by hand, a talent that has survived centuries (since 1710) I should not even attempt to answer such fools, and I did just that.

For some of you here who do not understand what it means to live a life of culture, here is a tiny window to the same. After you have seen it, kindly refrain from advising me on what I should buy and what I shouldn't, rather learn if you are ignorant.

And now returning to our automobile reference, I concur we must get ourselves wheels that befit our lifestyle, but at the same time, I think, you must rethink whether that automobile that you paid for, which a million others own by the way, and becomes a scrap of metal once it leaves its showroom, provides you as much joy as possessing a piece of artistry by people who have perfected it over centuries and continue to keep the tradition alive? What’s more? Unlike the piece of metal, this value only appreciates. Also, ask yourself whether what you collect is as unique to you as is your personality? 

If you truly understand this, I am certain you shall stop asking me unwise questions and stop doing things to appease the world.

- Don't keep your reading limited only to your interests. Read everything, especially the things that make you uncomfortable and uneasy. Step out of your comfort zone and examine life from another angle. Only then will you grow. Actually grow.

- People these days are very funny. They have no idea about how to argue or defend their points of view. When things don’t go their way, they just curse.

- Let us imagine a piece of land that declares in bold, bright letters – PRIVATE PROPERTY, and ignoring the caution, you still decide to set foot on that piece of land. In common man terminology that would be called trespassing right? 

Now imagine two people sharing something at a café, and you know them, but you are not a part of their conversation, and yet you decide to dive into their conversation. That could be called invasion of privacy right? 

That is what happens when you trespass on someone’s digital property, or try and comment on peoples’ conversations when you aren’t directly included in such conversations. 

I see enough and more people in infringement of such etiquette. Yes, you are at liberty to make a buffoon of yourself, who am I to object, but considering that intrusion is a trait that is seldom applauded, I would think it prudent for your types to kindly refrain from such (squeamish) behaviour.

- Science says that light travels faster than sound, perhaps that is why some people appear bright until you have heard them speak

- Positive people constantly and consistently evaluate and improve themselves, while the rest of the people in this world constantly focus on evaluating and judging others. Figure where you belong on this spectrum, and improve yourself if you find yourself falling under the latter.

- One simply cannot layer a stale cake with fresh icing and believe that it will all be perceived well. It won't. It is what's inside that matters, not what meets the eyes. 

- With time it's simplicity that makes room in your heart. Hardly drama. 

- We must think more and share less. And we must share when we have thought.

- Be grateful for another day. Not everybody made it, so do not take it for granted.

Throwing up your hands occasionally is a helpful way to diffuse vulgar storms. If you bow to time for the present, you will conquer in the future as it takes little to muddy a stream, but you can’t make it grow clear by trying to – only by leaving it alone. As hard as it sounds, at times, there is no better remedy for disorder than to leave it alone to correct its own self.

Oh, yes, we definitely needed someone to put the overly hyped, power-drunk, arrogant people to be shown their place. 

If this self-proclaimed gentleman, which he is certainly not, considering the nonsense he is speaking, had some manners, he would have behaved in like manner of the family he speaks of at a drop of a hat. 

The test of lineage and propriety is not in air kissing the ones from the same clique, but in respecting those who are not. What a thoroughly unbecoming reflection of character really.

Thing is that they begin to believe that they are indispensable because everyone around them make them feel like they are demigods. When god itself is invisible then who are these foolhardy demigods? 

Kudos Kangana Ranaut. Do not bow down to societal pressures. You have more balls then them who have balls. 

- I see paintings as imbuing reality with the hyper-reality and complexity of dreams.

- You sweat when you trust.

- It might take a year. It might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find its way.

- A flood of dopamine and oxytocin, a drop in serotonin, and spikes in adrenaline and norepinephrine.

- Beware of shy people. They rule the world.

- In art there is a need for truth, not sincerity.

- The days are long, but the years are short. Time is passing. Focus on the things that really matter.

- Tomorrow's not promised. Do what you have to do today.

- Be nice and you are old-fashioned. Be vulgar and you are cool. The acceptance of mediocrity in nearly everything in the world is disturbing.

- It is essential to grasp that buildings are as unpredictable as the human nature that produces them. It is that which makes architecture such an adventure really.

- Even those pages you remove somehow remain.

- Don't change to change. Improve as you tread along life armed with education, wisdom, introspection, and true change occurs most naturally.

- The day may eventually come where nobody would heed the primitive and divisive tribal nonsense of scripture of any variety. Only then, perhaps, will mankind be saved.

- Antiques, like some like to believe, are not dead things. They are certainly alive, and co-exist well in our homes and hearts.

- How do we know for certain that the dead are really dead? How do we know that we are not communicating with them, and they with us now. How? What if death is nothing but a longer absence? What if it finds another place of dwelling. What if you cross paths with it on the street? The face might be different. The body too. But the soul, it’s fragrance, you know it all too well, and you are sure. What would you then do? What.

- Creative trends often stem from small groups of people who know each other and share the same tastes at the same time. Friends, almost.

Do not let yourself be deceived: great intellects are skeptical.

- Getting yourself a 'pretend antique' is disgraceful. Buy an original, or not at all.

- Intelligence is not everyone's cup o' tea. 

- My instincts are nearly always better than my cerebration. 

- Obsession, as some think it, isn't crazed or criminal. In the most amusing manner, it is deeply alluring. 

- "What matters is not the length," he states sombrely, "but the depth."
"Of what?" she asks.
"Life!" he replies.
"Aah," she says chuckling.

People have many faces, but the most pathetic of them all is to pose and pretend to be the kindest to the world when you are drenched in your own inflated ego and painfully wretched to those at home.

When you lie on your back and watch the clouds pass. When you come upon the first rays of light at dawn. When you step into clarity from the mistiness of the morning fog. When you visit the beach and see its immensity, you only realise one thing – it is sad that we live in a material world.

What makes magic is genius; and what makes genius is an infinite capacity for expressing the aura of madness, unapologetically.

- It's when they treat you like you don't matter is when you matter to them the most.

- A man is not like a tree. An oak tree grows to a huge size, and lives for hundreds of years, only to fall at last to the ground a leafless and withered log. Even so, a man may live many years without becoming noble in character; his body has grown stronger, but he has not become a better man. On the contrary, nature shows us that the smallest of her creatures may be very beautiful and perfect in their way, although they are short lived. A lily that blooms in summer, though it lives but for a few hours, is far more beautiful than the great oak, and during its brief life its radiant whiteness sheds joy and cheerfulness on all around. So, in the lives of men, real beauty of character may be seen in the simple and humble, and life though short may be made perfect by noble deeds.

- I think like Neruda said we all have to love as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. 

- “What hits you affects you and wakes you up more than what pleases you. We can only improve ourselves in times such as these by walking backwards, by discord not by harmony, by being different not by being like.”

- Studying books has a languid feeble motion, whereas conversation provides teaching and exercise all at once.

- Just as our mind is strengthened by contact with vigorous and well-ordered minds, so too it is impossible to overstate how much it loses and deteriorates by the continuous commerce and contact we have with mean and ailing ones. No infection is as contagious as that is.

- Be it the art of healing or the art of painting. The art of industry or the art of cooking, nothing compares to the art of procreation––for it is perhaps the only art, which is literally creative: the rest being merely inventive.

- Friendship too is very much like marriage, only without the sex.

- How steep are the steps to a strangers house.

- Greatness communicates itself before it is understood.

- On William Shakespeare 

Each many a coloured life he drew.

Exhausted worlds and then imagined new.

- No one is indispensable. No one. Yet sometimes you have to make some feel that they are most imperative to your existence merely to help them maintain their balance. But more often than not, the people you set out to help (while making a fool of yourself willingly) end up thinking that it's you who needs help. What a weird world we live in. 

- I have observed that the real character of a man can be easily found out by his amusements, since no man really is a hypocrite in his pleasures.

- Strange how the love that gives us freedom from all shackles, also, more often than not, is the one responsible for throttling it.

- Sometimes you have to let people waver to figure out what’s right and what's wrong for them.

- Time is a great healer they say, thing is that many don't live long enough to find that out.

- Some friends too, in time, turn out as useless as relatives.

- While I was in bed this morning I was thinking that if I take away the time of my infancy, my sleep, my thoughtless hours, my days of sickness and even in the fullness of years how few have been my hours of usefulness?

- More than anything else in this world it is people who can keep people alive. 

- I think we ought never to assume that he who seeks to comfort us now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do him good. Who knows that his life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond our own. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find the very words with which he comforts us. 

- People often tell me that they have only met me recently, and yet they feel such deeper connections as if I had been in their life forever. Some say we are linked from our past lives, and some others say that it is rather scary that they fall such intensely in love with my nature. As scary as it is to them, I ought to admit that it scares the wits out of me as well. Then again, I think that the most fleeting of relations between people is governed by the state of mind they bring to it, and when that happens, at once, a vastness will enter into their relationships, if only that vastness is there to begin with.

- If you talk of essences, you're a fundamentalist.

- Rather easy to mend skinned knees than repair wrecked hearts.

- We all mean to write one story and end up writing another.

Let us not let someone else’s thoughts and beliefs govern us. Let us not mimic the life of others. Let quotations not be our passions and let us not accept someone else’s definition of our life, but let us define ourselves.

Let us in our diary write precisely the same story that we want to write than ending up writing another.

- Life, they say, must unravel but naturally.

Truth, they say, must dazzle but gradually.


- Feelings are what make a man, love is merely a distraction.

- Take any hundred people at random, ninety-five out of them will not take any pains to help you or will not care if you live or die. Three among them will feel sorry if you are hurt or fallen, but they too will pass on. Only two might wait and give you a strong hand to rise and walk again. Cherish them and guard them with benevolence, loyalty and love.

- We attempt to interpret each day and pacify ourselves that we’ve reached a summit, though the dichotomy is that we are doing nothing but failing miserably at it because its reins are somewhere else. And as luck would have it, none of us know where. All we know is that each of us is a product of the similar source, and though each of us displays a distinct seal of uniqueness, which is an unbecoming anomaly of course, yet in the game of life, each one of us are cosmically connected, somewhere and somehow, in an extended sense.

- I have realised is that in every walk of life you need to calculating rather than being your own self. If you are hospitable there will be no dearth of people interrupting your domestic peace and privacy. If you are generous, spongers will crowd around you till you cease to be so. If you are neighbourly and accommodating, people take you for granted. If you are tender and take pains not to hurt others, others will hurt you. People will take undue advantage of your patience and tolerance, which are signs of your hard earned maturity, by assuming them to be your weakness and not your strength.

- Some people belong entirely to others, for foolishness always deals in excess. They have not a day, not an hour to call their own, so completely do they give themselves to others. This is true even in matters of understanding. Some people know everything for others and nothing for themselves. If you are prudent, you will understand that people seek you not for your own sake but for their own. What interests them is what you can do for them.

- I actually like the quest. The feeling of wanting to search. The truth is that I probably don’t want to be cheerful or content, because the big question is, then what? The fun is in being lost, because the more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to.

- It is not wrong to be attacked by self pity any more than it's wrong to have a cold in the head. Both are the result of some sort of disorganisation of the mind. What is wrong, in both cases, is to allow oneself to be incapacitated by it. What would help many people out of the self pitying condition would be to realise how ugly and ill-mannered and boring a thing it may become. A display of tragic grief at the moment of mental agony is an impressive thing, but one cannot be harassed beyond a certain point, and the complacent display of artificial misery is as objectionable a thing in the moral world as is the habit of incessant sniffing in the physical region. It may be very comfortable to sniff if one feels inclined, but what sniffers do not realise is that instead of evoking sympathy, they evoke nothing but a sort of contemptuous irritation in others.

- To run away from pain, we pursue joy. We forget that joy doesn’t mean the absence or erasure of pain. Human life is such, that it is not pain that we wish to abandon, rather it is life that we wish to live. Sometimes lost in the differences to make choices between pain, joy, life and living, we tend to become practical. Practicality teaches us that there cannot be joy till all pain be lost, and with human nature being so alien to this condition, only one thing could but bring such a balance between both is death.

There is only one cure for the evils which newly earned independence produces, and that cure is independence. When a prisoner first leaves his cell he simply cannot bear the light of day; he is ill-adapted to set apart colours or recognise faces. But the remedy is not to remand him into his prison, but to acquaint him to the rays of the sun.

The blaze of truth and liberty may at first blind and bewilder nations which have become half visionless in the house of repression. But let them gaze on, and they will soon be able to bear it. In a few years men learn to reason. The radical violence of opinions subsides. Malicious dogmas repair each other. The disseminated elements of truth cease to contend, and begin to coalesce. And at length a system of justice and order is educed out of the chaos.

- Everyone is alone, then why this fuss to let someone in.

- Art is many things, some use a brush, some a bow, some a pen, some glass, and some love. An artist has to stretch or he is no artist at all.