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What Is Luxury?

What is luxury?

I think luxury is not being surrounded by what money can buy to help boost our ego.

In its barest essence, luxury is heritage. It is what you build from scratch. It is the humility with which you bow your head and greet your elders. The devotion you bestow on your youngsters. The selfless goodness with which you perform your duties, and without a murmur. The memories you assimilate as opposed to articles. It is certainly not the fancy car that adorns your driveway, or the art that hangs proudly on your wall. It is the euphoria you see on the faces of the ones you love when you make for them a home and money that brings them genuine joy. It is your legacy that you hand them over by your behaviour.

The maturity of the human mind is luxury. The happiness of everyday experiences is luxury. Making art is luxury. Using skills to the closest level of perfection is luxury. Responsibility is luxury. To uphold and maintain traditions is luxury. To feel pain and hurt is luxury. To feel itself is luxury. To thank the creator for two lovely eyes, limbs, arms and genitals in optimum condition is luxury. Luxury is respect. It's love. It's what you leave behind, alive, in the ones that live, when you no longer are.

Luxury to me is my Chotu addressing me as Bhaiya with all his love. The people who constitute my core. Who enrich and enlighten me. My parents who have given me birth — I might not agree with them, but to not discredit or disrespect them is luxury. It's my culture.

Luxury cannot be sold across a counter. It doesn't have a price tag to it. What can be sold across there albeit are icons of material superfluousness. Something that showy and shallow egos lap up.

LUXURY - every human being is born with it. We don't need the world to tell us what luxury is. It is in our blood.

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