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A glimpse

I was born in Bangalore, India. I quite adore writing, be it articles, books, essays, poems, or even just penning my thoughts. My work has generally been described as ‘inspirational and realist.’ I write about anything that stirs me. Some of my favourite subjects are art, architecture, film, fitness, fashion, friendship, food, literature, luxury, travel, sex, love, people and personas. Books have been written. Published. More books are on the way. Articles and poems have been read, and shared rampantly, and also reached some popular libraries of the world, as ‘must reads’. 

I quite love being a custodian for a brand, right from the visualisation, to the television, digital, print presentations of it. When I am not working, or writing, I am up and about the world looking for antiques and art that I must say has brought me the greatest joy in collecting, and has helped make some wonderful friends from over the globe. The aesthetics, history, precision, timelessness in both keeps me looking for more. If I were to sum up my disciplines in a list, they would read thus –


Art/Creative direction for brands (advertising/design/photography)
Critique (books/films)
Curator (antiques/art/architecture/interior/product design)
Editorial (creative/non)
Literary content (across genres)

To cut a long story short, I would love to hear from you if you have something enriching to share; something that would help us both grow as individuals and multiply the range of our knowledge. Something were we can enjoy ourselves collaborating on.