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Not So United States of America

Sharing something authored by a dear friend and writer Matt Straight that expresses my mind rather tersely as well. Only difference is that if I had articulated the same, which I wanted to do several times, people would have given it a different tint and made a brutal jumble of it.

“Sorry if I offend any of my American friends but I feel compelled to have a rant, which I rarely do.

Yes it’s true that guns don’t kill people by themselves, it’s idiots with guns that kill people. But unfortunately for America, they seem to have a very high gun to idiot ratio.

When the “Right to bear arms” was written into the constitution in 1791, it was also legal to take opium. Now that’s over two hundred years ago. Things have changed a fair bit since then and the world is a different place.

Fortunately, in 1914, the use of Opium for recreational use was made illegal. It had become apparent that the ease of availability and abuse of use was not good for society and overdoses causing death were quite common. But then its not the drugs that kill people, it’s the people that use drugs that kill people right? Just because two hundred years ago “It was your right” doesn’t mean it is “right” for today.

Surely if you can’t reduce the number of idiots in America, reducing the amount of guns and ease of availability would help reduce overall incidences of mass shootings? Wake up and stop this madness.

Where did all this hate come from? Stop spending so much time and resources on stopping terrorism and start focusing on stopping your own people killing each other.”

Picture: Think Stock Photos