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Ali Zafar - Urainge - 1st Anniversary

I am PROUD of Ali Zafar, and anybody who has a heart ought to be proud of him. And not just him, but everybody who have come together to heal just a little of the pain of the lives lost by giving hope in form of schools – a step towards positivity, towards development, for the future of young children.

Be forewarned, that this is not about India or Pakistan. Not about White or Brown skin. It is just about loss of lives. It is about humanity. About how some stand up and do what can be done within their powers in order to make a dent. Therefore, discard all the filth that politics has drummed into your head, because at our barest best, we are each connected to each other by humanity, and not by skin tone, or the holy books we follow.

We need more like him to give this world some love and some direction. We need more of him in India, and the whole wide world. We need more of him!

I am posting Ali's message here, and the relevant links. When you can support Unicef, UNHCR, or whatever you choose to support, then please do what you think you can for the development of education. 

Ali's message on Facebook:

A year has passed but the grief hasn't subsided a bit.. We will always mourn the loss of those innocent children who were taken away from us exactly a year ago. 

That's when the 'The Citizens Foundation' launched the '141 Schools for Peace' initiative which was also supported by my tribute song 'Urainge' for the APS Martyrs. This mission committed to build a school in the memory of each of the innocent lives lost and thanks to all the incredible support from all over the world, this dream is closer to becoming a reality. We are pleased to announce that TCF has so far constructed 23 schools before the first anniversary of this tragic incident. These schools will stand as a lasting symbol of hope, resilience and our shared resolve to educate all children of Pakistan. I urge you to keep donating so we reach our target. Share this post to play your part. Click here to make your donations. 

Pictures have all been taken from the Internet.