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Douglas Booth at the Teenage Cancer Trust

We all know that it is quite natural for celebrities, or anybody who gains some prominence, to want to help the world heal a little if it were in their capacity to do so, but such is not the case with Douglas. Doug is someone who selflessly empathises with those in need. It has indeed been a while that I came across someone who knew what those in pain were feeling without having to fake an iota of his own feelings. He gets under the very fibre of human life in order to communicate to them that – “Listen, you are not alone, because I am very much here for you.” This is a rare quality, something I haven’t quite observed in anyone since Audrey Hepburn. It is incredible how Douglas does not share the same gender; yet, he shares the same sentiment to do for the world a lot more than what it does for him. Such people are extraordinary, and I am glad I am alive to watch someone like him be there for those who genuinely have a necessity of his status to help them sail through the difficulties of life.

Being a godfather to one is luck, but being a godfather to countless is no short of being angelic.

I am sharing words that the man himself has shared on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. "What a pleasure to meet the wonderful Dilara. Such a beautiful, smart and brave young woman. So glad I got to spend time with her and all the other inspirational guys and girls on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward today."