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Layering Up for WINTER

The weather has been rather erratic lately. If it is not raining all day and night, which is a rare occurrence for this time of the year, December, then it is seesawing between fiercely warm days and nippy nights. Fortunately, the nights are when we tend to step out to relish coffee with friends, or a meal with our girlfriends, or to have a pleasant time with our families, and this is when we men, could as well layer ourselves most charmingly. Presenting below some images I found incredibly appropriate for the season. I do not know what brands they belong to, I just know that they seemed wonderful to share with each of you to step out a bit more fashionably this December. So go on, dear men, captivate! 

Image: This image does not belong to me. I have sourced it from the Internet. I do not own it, or claim copyright to it. If it is your image please do let me know if you are fine with me adding your name to it. I shall add credits to it. This is not a site for business. The images have been used for representational purposes only. If you wish, I shall take it off in case of an objection do let me know and I shall take it off. Thank you.