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Danyal Zafar

This Kidd has always been extraordinary. His demeanour has always been to ask questions that even some of the wisest men have not found answers to. He establishes the fact that in a way our genes are, and yet, aren’t responsible, to make us immortal.

You spend sleepless nights losing sleep about them, pondering how they would make it in the actual world, and then in a snap time passes, and a day arrives, when you see how your children are not children anymore. How they are fearlessly ready to face the world and conquer it on their own terms. Strange right, that while we try to teach our children all about life,
 our children teach us what life is all about.

I wish I had the craft of words to best describe my feelings when I first set my eyes on the photograph I have shared here. Since I lack that skill, I would say that it was a proud moment for me when I saw my Kidd like that – lighting up the world with his luminescence.

The world is your playground. Go on my Kidd.