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Crafted by Carlos Benaïm, this eau de toilette is more multifaceted than many of Dunhill’s past fragrances. Obviously, I am not a perfumer, therefore, I did a bit of excavating, and unearthed that after the opening tripartite punch of bergamot, lavender and neroli, you will find yourself immediately anchored by more masculine smoky notes of leather, agarwood and oakmoss, spiced up with a large dose of black pepper and cardamom. If that is not enough to enchant your olfactory, the bottle, I promise you, is an effort of art.     

Designed by fashion maker, glassmaker, Mark Eisen, the heavy, yet minimalist, cylindrical container has been wrapped in a machine-tooled metallic case that harks back to Dunhill’s motoring past. What I additionally found fascinating is the circle of clear glass at the base of the bottle. It springs on one the feel of sensuality. A sort of lightness of being, where, in the flirtiest manner one can nearly hear it mutter – caress me softly, but aggressively, with your nimble fingers, my dear gentleman.

The campaign is shot by Annie Leibovitz and has the enigmatic and most befitting Andrew Cooper as the face of ICON.

The few of us who delight in true taste will love ICON.