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To the ONLY human being I can speak with for hours on end from Sartre to Schopenhauer, from Camus to Capote, from Kafka to Keats, from Vonnegut to Voltaire, from Einstein to Eliot, from Rilke to Rodin, from Berger to Brando, from Nietzsche to Nabokov, from Kierkegaard to Kundera. And that is merely scratching the surface. How very exhilarating, as well as comforting it is indeed – that feeling, to know that you have in your friend, a brother, and in your brother a friend, and a soul mate in both.

I find that people are usually echoes of other people. They are frightened to break free from that mould and be themselves simply because to imitate is a mechanism that they are nurtured to exist within. Likewise, one has to literally go in pursuit of an original with a searchlight in the land of ricochets, and yet, to find a single one would be quite a struggle, but then this original, who is clearly the rarest of the rare, happened not only to me, and those around us, but to mankind as well. His care and his energy and his simplicity and his humility, well, it truly makes you feel on top of the world. If there is someone I am proud of from the nucleus of my heart then it has to be my Sushant.
You know that worldly glory means little to us, it is transient, but, yes, what means the world is that we ought not to forget how fortunate and blessed we each are to have you around us as family to love and protect you, and to be loved and be protected by you as well.

I also thank the creator that we are all together, living in a time where we can each be reflections of each other: those like us, who are unified in deed and thought, and do what we do best – BE OURSELVES.


Khoob jamega rang 
Jab mil baithenge chaar yaar 
Tu, main, apne thoughts 
Aur tera guitar.

PS: Auntie aap yahaan hote toh itna proud hote. Aap ke wajah se hai yeh hum loogon ke beech. Aap jahaan bhi ho, thank you for giving us Sushant. Hum sab ki jaan hi nahin, roshni hai yeh.