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Goodbye 2016 Welcome 2017 - IMRAN ABBAS

Goodbye 2016. Life taught me the most this year. I lost my sister, my faith in many friends, recognised my real friends and foes, witnessed unexpected demise of people who were there with us and became a part of past in no time. I learnt the way to stand stronger in composing my crumbled self back, and how to muster my courage to withstand the toughest circumstances, and show to people that I am just normal, to smile in front of the camera and cry when I was back in the darkness of my room, in the solitude, missing my sister. But nonetheless, I am thankful to Allah for showering countless blessings on me, and putting me in this trial of time...I pray to have a more blessed year 2017, and years ever after...

My brother Immu (Imran Abbas) posted the above on his Facebook wall on the evening of 31st December 2016. It moved me. Not because Immu was my brother, but because what he was expressing was the truth that many feel, but are rather too anxious to admit. I would have flown out to wherever he was and given him a hug, but since that was not plausible for the moment, I messaged him – I know bro. Loss does that to us; makes us relook at everything in life. When I see people around me dunked in their ego, I wonder ke ek din hum sab ko jaana hai (we all have to die one day), then why this arrogance. The least we can do is love everyone around us. We can do for them what we wanted them to do for us. There is such strength in giving that it’s actually indescribable. And I love you for that one quality you have: to make people feel loved, and this, those who have only been hurt deeply can understand. So yes, what is lost cannot be replaced, but we can make someone else happy by being us. Api will be proud of you wherever she is, as we are proud of you right now, and right here on earth.

After I had messaged Immu those words, I thought to myself that indeed life is so frickin ephemeral. What we take for granted can be taken from us in a blink, and yet, we fool ourselves into thinking that we are indispensible. Barely had I recovered from the resonance of Immu’s words when my eyes fell upon a video of a song he had sung (link included below). As I watched that song, I was unable to contain my tears.

That is when I figured our life science, be it of Immu, or Ali, or Danyal, or me – that when we feel, we feel all that we feel most deeply, passionately and intensely, or not at all.

So, for that fleeting flash, the pride of seeing my brother doing so much, and most humbly, of knowing that I was not around him to be his support when he was going through the lows of life brought me to tears, and yet I knew that he knew that I was with him in deed and thought even if I was not able to be there next to him in person.

That is when I also figured that our job here on earth is not to judge. Our job here on earth is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Our job here on earth is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.

Imran, Ali, Danyal and I; we each live with this thread uniting us, and will do so until we each exist.