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Romance and Rilke

I happened to see this image online and it enticed me so much that I knew I had to share it with everybody. And while I was admiring the state of euphoria that the couple were engulfed in, I couldn't but think of this poem of my favourite Rainer Maria Rilke. 


God speaks to each of us before we are, 
Before he's formed us then, in cloudy speech, 
But only then, he speaks these words to each 
And silently walks with us from the dark: 

Driven by your senses, dare 
To the edge of longing. Grow 
Like a fire's shadowcasting glare 
Behind assembled things, so you can spread 
Their shapes on me as clothes. 
Don't leave me bare. 

Let it all happen to you: beauty and dread. 
Simply go no feeling is too much 
And only this way can we stay in touch. 

Near here is the land 
That they call Life. 
You'll know when you arrive 
By how real it is. 

Give me your hand.