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Depression! Depression! Depression! That’s what I have been hearing from many of them around, and the news dailies too keep reporting about its effects with an almost steady regularity. This morning, I was reading that children too are affected by it. Now what sort of nonsense are the masters of information overload trying to plaster on the innocents? I can understand that children seesaw with respect to their moods, but depression is surely not something one would want to categorise their transition of learning and meaning to adapt to the novel surroundings around them to be. Adults can dip in their moods, but that’s all it is supposed to be – feel a little low, and then bounce back to being brisk once you’ve internalised and figured a way to beat the blues. Dragging children into it is something that I seriously think that the papers, media, and people at large, ought to stop doing at once. The least children warrant is drumming the depression beat in their heads.

Despite the age bar, I think that we need to entrench ourselves with the ‘think positive’ attitude no matter what bricks life throws at us. We must learn to look for the pros in the cons. We must learn to put behind us that which is unpalatable and glance towards a brighter, newer tomorrow rather than wasting time mulling over meaningless meanderings.

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