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Is it all right to insult people under the pretext of free speech?

True in a way, and not true too. Think about why people are behaving in that manner. Science and logic claims that every action has an equal and sometimes opposite reaction. Some people have, all over the world, been sidelined, victimised, ridiculed, misbehaved with, and the list could go on, as you very well know.

When you call yourselves a ‘superior race’ do you go about stepping on peoples toes and demean any creed or caste? Who gives anybody such a right? Don’t such people comprehend that the same creator that has created them has created each one of us too regardless of the names each of us choose to address that creator with.

Like they realised in Australia that hatred would not produce love and have decided to be a bit more careful with their dealings with minorities, I was hearing on CNN just yesterday how the Parisians are planning to re-draw their slate about including a particular community into their system than shunning them, which they admit to have been doing for the longest period now.

Killing is certainly not the answer to demonstrate one’s frustration, and neither terrorising in the name of religious beliefs, be it in France, Australia, and India or wherever in the world. But yes, I feel that each one of us must mind our own business and not touch upon matters that are touchy and can cause mass destruction. If you treat people like animals, the animal instinct in them will get them to protect themselves by attacking. And I am once again appalled that the so-called 'intelligent race' that many crown themselves with fail to get that point. Or in most cases, even if they do, then they prefer to look the other side. What we are seeing is the price they are paying for their insensitivity.

The only way out of this inherent mess is to respect people. Their beliefs. Not scream from microphones that WE are GREAT and YOU are NOT.

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