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Ali Zafar - Words From A Soulful Genius

When Ali Zafar touches you, he takes you over by storm, gets into your veins and makes home in your heart and soul. Like great art stems from the pang of pain, this is wisdom at its most causal but intensely profound level and so you can imagine why I am in entire awe of this young man.

Sharing some words from the young genius. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

As I turn a year closer to moving on, I felt like sharing stuff. Perhaps something personal. I was having a casual discussion with a friend on the plane the other day and shared some thoughts, and he compelled me to share them with more people as it might help someone. And since people keep asking me for tips and ways to acquire their dreams and I don’t really know what to say, I will try today without sounding preachy. All I can do is share my thought process, which may help. I will try and make it simple. Maybe kids will pick something up from it. Most adults seem pretty fixed and “sorted” anyway. So I’ll share whatever comes to mind. See if anything helps:

- I have always felt connected to a force beyond my comprehension. The connection was more unconscious in the beginning, but later became conscious and more aware, and now works by default. It brings in a sense of extreme positivity, love and thankfulness. A force that mainly drives me on a daily basis besides my passion for art and hard work.
- I have always felt drawn towards compassion more than indifference.
- I have always believed in the day of my dreams coming true and visualised it from the start and refused to believe otherwise even when told by someone close as a friend or relative. Most importantly, I worked hard for it day and night.
- I do not judge/hate people on the basis of their religion, culture, creed, faith, origin, ideas etcetera. I respect and value each one for their own.
- I believe that my path was my own to follow and one must learn to create his/her own learning from good virtues of others’.
- I try not to fear. Instead embrace it.
- I love to learn and I love to make people happy.
- I believe that we are all extensions of each other and by hurting someone else we hurt ourselves.
- I make mistakes and have my deficiencies but I try to realise them and work to correct them everyday.
- I respect each and every person/animal/plant/thing in existence regardless, but I believe in standing up for what is right and fight for it; I believe for which I must know what “right” is and that can only happen through thinking, asking, listening, reading, learning and practicing and do all of this with an open, unbiased and rational mind-set.
- I believe that sometimes the only way to learn is to unlearn first.
- I respect what my teachers, my parents or my traditions have taught me, but I believed in moving further on from there, on my own guts, to discover more in an effort to keep enhancing my own quality of life and others effected by it.
- I love life and I believe it doesn’t end. Just like this note doesn’t end here…