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Mr Burberry campaign directed by Oscar-winning British director Steve McQueen

Exactly what each weekend ought to constitute: steamy, sensual, and, oh, downright dirty!

Steve McQueen most beautifully creates this atmosphere for the new fragrance Mr Burberry by my ‘casual’ dressmakers since my school days.

Strangely, reactions to this short, which I LOVE by the way, have been rather varied. I find people protesting about the sensuality, and I quite wonder why? We all do the dance of foreplay – it is a human essential, and those who negate it are being most untrue to themselves.

Moving back to those who are finding this video violating their sensibilities, well, I would like to ask them if they mask their eyes while getting down to doing it? Or do they do it with their clothes on? If your response to those queries tilts even an inch in favour of them, then I am afraid you ought to desist from traversing in the normal world, and get yourself most urgently on a psychologist’s chair.  

My two quid of tutoring – grow up world. Grow up before it is too late. Despite all the effort if you still find yourself unable to fire ‘it’ up, then please go back to the cradle, because that is just about the only time in one’s life one would feel no tingling where it is supposed to tingle.

Glad Burberry is keeping with times.