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Ali Zafar and Subi Samuel on Parental Protection by Lladró

Men are usually blamed of being a bit stingy in expressing their affection towards their children. Truth is that a father loves his child as much as the mother, only that majority of them are imprisoned to the ways of the world that dictates that the male stays stoic at all times. Given such circumstances, a father’s love epitomises itself quite clearly in one word – protection. And it is for this precise reason that I fell in love with the sculpture Parental Protection by Lladró: it most handsomely depicts the vulnerable side of a man sans drama.

When I think of the men who are vulnerable around me, my mind instantly draws two men from the assortment of my mental faculties – Ali Zafar and Subi Samuel. Both are not your ‘typical’ men entrapped within the clichés of the world. They are publicly expressive of their love to their children, as they are utterly devoted to them.

Ali knows that your children need your presence more than your presents, just as Subi knows that the trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.

Ali knows that the two lasting gifts he can give his children are stronger roots and freer wings, just as Subi knows that no matter how grown up they become, or how different, he would always remain their preferred toy.

Their children are their coveted sculptures, the finest representation of parental protection in real time, in flesh and blood, in concrete and creative form.

Ali with his son Azaan