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VOSS Water Bottle

The story goes such…

Early February I noticed my friend Sid’s fingers clasped around what I would call a piece of art. A design aficionado, its slender glass body caught my attention. “You like it,” exclaimed Sid observing my interest in it. “It is lovely, yes,” I answered, and then we spoke about everything else under the sky.

After that day in early February, I met Sid only last evening. He gave me a warm hug, which is customary Sid, and we began our humorous digs at each other, when he halted midway our razzing and darted away to his gym bag and turned around. “Here,” he said handing me the bottle of VOSS water I had admired in his hands the last time we had met, “this is for you!”

For moments like these you thank god for having surrounded you with the most remarkable people. Thank you my dear, Siddharth Poojari, for your thoughtfulness and love!

Photograph of the bottle and ginger jar taken at my house. Need I say more about Sid. He is one of India's best dressed men!