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Farah Ali Khan by Subi Samuel

Sorrow, says prudence, makes us all children again — destroys all differences of intellect, and when confronted with such circumstances, the wisest know nothing.

My big brother Subi Samuel happens to be a sensational photographer that the world admires for his ingenuity. Couple of days ago he shared something by his friend Farah Ali Khan on his Facebook wall. The message that Farah had inscribed merited a mention here. If I say more it would end up diluting the essence of her words, so I am accompanying it with a snap of Farah that Subi had shot.

My 13-year-old son’s friend in school lost his father yesterday to a heart attack. He further went on to tell me how Ansh had come to school and how they all spoke to him of everything except the incident because they did not want to cause him pain. However, I asked my son to go back to his friend tomorrow and extend his hand and tell him that he knows he is in pain, and if he would like to talk about it to him, he should, because pain expressed is better than pain kept within. I write this post out here so that we all can ask our children to help ease their friend’s pain, whatever the circumstances be. It’s easier to share joy and step away from pain, because we feel we will cause more. But most of the times it makes sense to reach out to the ones in pain for even though they may not say they need help, they do. We all do.”

Farah Ali Khan
14th March 2016


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