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Politeness. Gentleness. Doug. And More...

I observe lately that when you are freshly introduced to somebody they tend normally to exclaim, “What’s up?” and in certain extreme cases, “Sup”. Label me as coming across as most old-fashioned, but I find the resonance of those words tasteless, almost uncouth. Methinks, the correct manner of acknowledgement would be to shake hands rather firmly, and express with a sociable smile – “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” Or, “Most delighted to meet you.”

I dare say that politeness and gentleness, as some claim, do not make you appear stuck up or even stiff upper lip. They are manners as rudimentary as foreplay is to orgasm, and alas, such etiquettes have been lost to the shabbiness of existing times.

One must let the world do as it chooses, yet, if one finds that one has fallen a victim to such absurdities, the sensible thing to do would be to re-examine and reclaim your conduct to its former repute. Remember, and always, that it is never too late to make amends, with life, or yourself.

On a somewhat serious note, when struck with self-doubt, do look up Douglas Booth on Twitter @DouglasBooth. He is a refined gentleman. And the world knows that it requires a role model for keeping the bearings of its youth intact. If not anything, idealising Doug will certainly help in setting you back on your path to balance and finesse considering that he is somebody who reflects the evergreen charm of yesterday, today, and not without the genteelness most required for you to manoeuvre the world tomorrow with grace and gallantry.