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...BUT (Oh, never mind!)

I watched a film last evening that portrayed a rather stark reality about two countries, and how the people from each, end up shooting each other most illogically. Although, the premise was something one cannot ignore, I quite seriously think that the more we inject violence into the world in form of words or visuals, the more the same violence will come back and not just stare us in the face, but bite us in the face. In order to avoid finding ourselves embroiled with our minds in a space of utter discomfort what we each need to do instead is practice peace, peace in our minds first, and then amid our immediate surroundings. Sagely banter might not meet with great success, and neither my thoughts are quite the solution to the growing restlessness the world over, yet I think it might just be a leveller, and a leveller in times of whipped up emotions is far more a service to mankind than showing people images of blood and guns and producing in them an imagined dread that this might possibly happen. One cannot escape the fact that each of us is violent, and when dared, do we resort to using that violence without thought or reason. Similarly, the more one tries to supress, the more one resists, and resistance, as we are aware only ends up in destruction. But my question is – must we push ourselves to such a situation? And my answer is: Not really, and I say so most confidently because not everything is as awful as it is made out to look.

However, I feel as creative people, people armed with skills, authors, artists, filmmakers, whoever one may be, we must strive to bring positivism to the world by playing our part in it quietly. We must remember it is only the fearful who scream, and screaming attracts unnecessary attention. It lets others peek into our fears and allows them to have a better grip on us, and it is not uncommon knowledge that people are constantly exploring for an opening to exploit our weaknesses, first against us, and then quite obviously for their own benefit.

Let us be cool. Let us be calm. Let us not forget that when something harsh is being said about someone, or something ill is being planned on someone, it affects everyone. Let us all live in peace. Together. As human beings rather than those divided by faiths and creeds, regardless to whatever degree the provocation may be, and from whatever quarters. 

Let us keep peace. Let us be peace.