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Ali Zafar - Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

Cancer is something that is eating into people at an alarming rate. Not just because of the polluted air we breathe, the contaminated food we eat, but because of the stress caused about by the mere manoeuvring in daily life. What hits the heart the most is when innocent lives, that is children, are struck by it. Then it not only makes us feel helpless, it also makes us want to ask our almighty, why? Why the naïve souls?

Several celebrities make it a point to support causes in order to further their brand, and to make the public feel that they have a heart. Then there are the celebrities who do without fanfare and pomp, who know that they are merely a tiny component in the wheel of life, and what they do, they need to do for our own selves and not to prove a point to the world. That is what my brother Ali Zafar has been doing, and doing most silently for as long as one can imagine.

What good the right hand does, the left hand does not have to know, is something we are taught early on in life, and it has a far more inherent connotation than meets the eyes. It instils in us, for starters, the very essence of respecting human lives over our own lives, and to so do without a murmur, and do without expectation or acknowledgment.

My brother was at such an event, the Lahore Auto Show, to reinforce the fact that he stands strong with those who matter, and that one does not have to ask him, because one can see that he is there to give his unflinching support to anything at all that needs his support.

He spent time with the children. He drove them around. He offered them hope that they are loved – and the very touch of a person who is filled with love can heal more than any medicine, and that love is something my brother bestows on everybody, and that is his love that we have all learnt to treasure.

“No better feeling.” He said in his own words after driving them around.

Need I say more?