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Tactic To Curb Ice Cream Craving

Ice cream is rumoured to swell the stomach just as speedily as deep fried food. It is also identified to be as addictive as cocaine. Like anything, having ice cream in harmless quantities, say a scoop or two, once a month, is acceptable, but when you foster a longing for it more than what is permitted, then it becomes imperative that you first examine your psychological state; whether you are reaching out for it under duress, or boredom. If your answer is yes to any one of the two, or both, then it is time to self-talk yourself into staying away from that which might offer you transitory bliss resulting in your belly bulge, which, being the health-conscious human being that you are, you would not find a pleasant sight to see.

In order to avoid such situations soaked in the spray of public boos, the swiftest you can do is indulge yourself in something that appears, and nearly tastes like the ice cream you so witlessly want, but still not as detrimental as the real thing. I would suggest you take – two medium sized bananas (or one big banana), add a tablespoon of dark cocoa powder (four squares of shredded dark chocolate as another option), blend it together in a food processor, and hallelujah, in no time you would have made yourself a bowl of sugarless, the prohibitively excessive calorie less alternative to the ice cream, where you are happy, your mind is happy, and most importantly, your body is happy.