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Woke up this morning to this: 

The day fate conspired to make us Mr & Mrs

11th June, 1998 – just seems like yesterday when all our destinies came together for joining two souls in marriage. 

The long journey from Mysore with the help of a few friends, a borrowed car, borrowed mobile phone (mobiles weren’t common then), a temple in Malleswaram, the pujari hastily arranged by another friend, legal person on standby, first night in a friend’s place. Add to that, a timely help from an unknown Samaritan who lent his spare tyre when our car broke down and we were stranded in a downpour just outside Bangalore. Seemed like the ‘whole cosmos’ conspired to get me and Neela married, no matter what the hurdles. My, what a day and what a destiny! That day was not just a marriage of 2 people, it was the conjoining of all our destinies and each one of you were fated to be a part of this in your own way. Some journeys are life changing, others are about changing lives. In our case, it was both.

This note is to remember you on this day for the part you played in getting us together, and to say, ‘Thank you my friend’. You were there selflessly and when we needed you the most. We will always be grateful and indebted.

Happy Anniversary to you too!

Neela & Ravi

These two have been my life since the day I met them, and they will always be my life so long as we all live. 

Love you both, and yes, happy anniversary to us!