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On this day, don't just post a status. ~ ALI ZAFAR

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sibling’s Day etcetera are nothing but methods invented by clever people to make people spend money. There is no ounce of love in them, only exhibitionism. As always, this fad gained momentum over the digital world, where to display your love publicly has become quite the vogue, when, in actuality, you should be doing the opposite: be with those who matter.

Thoroughly amused at the steady flow of photographs popping up all day, I shared on Twitter – Today we have to bear with all the morons who decided to wish their mothers online because some moron decided it was Mother’s Day. People I tell you!!!

A rather popular journalist and renowned food blogger friend of mine, Sunory Dutt, responded to my tweet with: Lemme guess - you wished aunty Taj a happy Mother’s Day and she said there was nothing happy about being a mother to you.

What a hearty laugh I had.

Just while I was calling it a day my brother Ali declared something on his Facebook wall. Leaving you with his words, which, for me, were nothing short of the simplest, and yet the wisest grand finale to a rather over-popularised day.

On this day, don’t just post a status. Go and tell your mother how much you love her, and how thankful you are to her for giving you not just this life but so much in it. And while you’re at it...a big tight hug. #mothersday

~ Ali Zafar ~

And then he followed it up with: 

She dedicated her life to acquiring and then transferring knowledge to her children and children of many. My mother.

And then you all ask me why I love my younger brother as much as I do.

People I tell you!!!