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Vista Alegre 1824 Cherub Cornucopia Candlesticks

Cherub best describes a winged angelic being in biblical tradition as attending on God. In art it is depicted as a chubby, healthy-looking beautiful child with wings.

I found this charming pair of Cherub Cornucopia Candlesticks, hand made in Ílhavo, Portugal by porcelain maker Vista Alegre created in the year 1824. By the feet of the cherubs is a basket full of grapes. They are both 8 inches in height. A large band of pure gold gilds the base of each of them.

Such rare pieces in porcelain are greatly coveted by collectors globally. If you chance upon spotting a pair on your travels, check to see if they are free of any cracks or chips, and if the artistry appeals to your senses, simply do yourself a favour by adding them to your collection. 

Images are shot by me at home. Use of them without prior permission is violation of copyright.