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Beer Benefits!


Well, we are all too familiar with those two words most often splashed in health journals just as much as they are the favourite words of certain fitness trainers who use them most generously to frighten the wits out of people. Whatever the reasons, my belief is rather simple – beer or not, anything done in moderation would not be detrimental to the mind and body. Centred on my wisdom, I resolved thus to do a bit of digging, and was pleasantly surprised to come across more than a few points that drew attention to the benefits of drinking beer than shooting it down without any rhyme or reason as did the health journals as well as certain fitness trainers.


Reports by the American Diabetes Association on those who showed signs of the Type 2 Diabetes found a 30 per cent reduced risk of them developing the Type 2 Diabetes when they ingested anywhere between 6 to 48 grams of beer in comparison with those who drank less or more.

Note: a standard 12-ounce beer normally contains close to 14 grams of alcohol. Drink responsibly if you would like to reap its health benefits.


Judicious intake has been known to upsurge HDL (healthy cholesterol). In order to keep yourself in optimum for such an upsurge to thrive in your body you are recommended not to exceed more than one pint a day for men, and half a pint for women.


Harvard University studies have uncovered that about 25 to 40 per cent of heart attacks or death from cardiovascular disease can be curtailed by moderate consumption of beer.


Did you even think that letting that fresh brew slide down your throat could actually aid in letting you stay at the top of your mental abilities? Well, if you hadn’t thought of it like that, then it is time you do so because researchers at Lanzhou University have newly discovered that xanthohumol, a prenylated chalconoid from hops and beer is rather responsible to guard one against oxidative stress and has the strength to engage in the battle against the onset of cognitive decline or dementia.


Xanthohumol, the same compound that is said to help prevent dementia, is known to prevent making of unwarranted testosterone and in helping by dropping the chance of prostate cancer in men. German researchers are currently studying xanthohumol to be used as a likely component in drugs that would help fight cancer. Until such studies are tested and brought to the market, it would be prudent to keep yourself healthy by downing a glass of your favourite IPA 


Beers, in particular the darker ones such as the Stout, contain a higher volume of silicon in them. This silicon contributes to improved bone density and adds to the overall quality of our connective tissue. An article in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture suggests that a fair intake of such beer helps fight osteoporosis.


Kidney stones are known to make one writhe in pain. Researchers have revealed that the drinking of beer has a counter reaction to this uncomfortable disorder. The same research reveals that if one pint is sipped per day, it is projected to lessen one’s risk of developing a kidney stone by about 40 per cent.


The above information I have collated by reading different articles in magazines and on the Internet. Bear in mind that it is only my point of view. Before you aspire to believe what is being said above is the truth, and nothing but the truth, I suggest you make a trip to your doctor, take into consideration your health conditions and then down the quantities of beer that these points throw light on.