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Token of Love

When you love someone, try not to ‘buy’ anything that is available across the counter for them regardless of how valuable it might be. I know you would feel on top of the world to get them something they might like but we all have enough and more to buy what we want, but what precious little you do for those who matter to you stays forever in their hearts and mind rather than some perishable that could be broken, stolen and who knows whether the following generation would revere what was given to you with all the love from the giver with the same love and affection.

Coming to think of it books could be a magnificent token of love. In order to make it even more beloved write something on it so that even when you are no more, and the next generation think these remembrances as useless, in the least they would be given away to a book lover, or even sold to some bookseller and then picked up by another book lover, who might just as well treasure your token of love and cherish it for the similar sentiment.