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Akshay Oberoi

When you observe today’s youth with the, “What’s up?” and “Dude!” culture you wonder whether they would by any chance have remnants of the manners that we were raised with, where to utter a thank you or a sorry was a way of life and not considered anything out of the ordinary, or, to rise from the chair when a woman entered a room and left the room was a custom, which most of the youth of today find rather old-fashioned and amusing. Just when you think there is no scope for transformation in a civilization so occupied with its own self, you, by mere accident, come across someone who is very much part of the, “What’s up, dude?” ethos and yet maintains a distinct thoroughbred approach to life. 

Most recently, I was admiring what Martin Luther King Jr. had done to mankind and while seeking inspiration and direction from the life of someone older I had failed to realise that I did not have to look that far because inspiration and direction was only at an arms distance from me in form of the kids around me who I had taken for granted but discovered are great beyond words would ever express. That's when I found myself observing Akshay a lot more carefully and discovered that his humility was matchless. An epitome of polish, his attention to make sure that he conveyed what he had to, and yet not ever cross the thin line of respect regardless of not only being younger, but more like friends, was something that I truly admired in him. In time, I made out how the heart of people would swell with joy upon the mention of his name and how my mind would be filled with reverence when I saw the love people had for him because I knew he was someone who would give them, who loved him, much more than they could imagine – something that was elemental to his nature. At the same time too I could not but think that the tenderness and kindness I saw in him, as some would perceive them today, are not signs of his weakness and despair but clear manifestations of his strength and resolution, and this is something that is so easily a second skin to describe Akshay to those who do not really know him.

To go a little back in time, I would like to throw light on something when Akshay’s motion picture appeared on the silver screens. Despite the fact that it filled me up with delight so see that he had grown up into this admirable young man filled with candour and depth, I sent him a text one evening knowing that he was at a popular awards function that read thus:

“Bro, I can’t wait for the day I see you receive your first award. To say the least, as such I am proud of who you have made of yourself, but I will certainly be even prouder on that particular day since the world would then look up to you as it ought to with great pride. Let us see that day soon, my Kidd. Soon!!!”

And the response I obtained was this:

“My, bro, this is one of the nicest messages I have ever received. Will work my ass off to fulfil what I came here for. I hope I make you proud, in the years to come. Thanks for the encouragement.”

That’s when I figured that what a marvellous blend of both worlds these kids of today have amassed, and it would be very unjust if I didn’t conclude with the feeling that indeed it is so very true that our outward nature is nothing but a reflection of who we are inside and what a better way to see that in none other than Akshay. 

I know you will make a great deal of difference to not only the people around you but to the world at large and as ever, I am PROUD OF YOU, Akshay!