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In the bosom of London, nestled among the antiquated avenues, stood a charming old-school café where time seemed to slow down. On a crisp autumn afternoon, two childhood friends, Oliver and Edward, met for tea. The atmosphere was filled with the rich tang of brewing tea and the subtle redolence of Bvlgari Man In Black, a scent that mirrored the sophistication of the establishment.


As the friends settled into the plush velvet chairs, Edward could not help but notice the air of success that clung to Oliver. His bespoke suit, immaculately polished shoes, and the restrained gleam of a watch on his wrist spoke volumes about his affluent lifestyle.


“Oliver, old chap, you seem to be doing exceptionally well these days,” Edward remarked, sipping his Earl Grey.


Oliver chuckled, swirling the aromatic tea in his delicate hand-painted-China-cup. “Ah, Eddie, life has its twists and turns, much like this delightful scent I am wearing today – Bvlgari Man In Black. It is a scent that transcends time, just like our friendship.”


Intrigued, Edward leaned in, curious to unravel the parallels Oliver was drawing. “Do tell, my friend. How does a mere ambrosial liquid reflect the intricacies of life?”


Oliver took a moment, inhaling the bouquet lingering in the draught before he began his tale. “Imagine life as a sonata, Eddie. The strong chords in the tonic of the first theme with its daring high, or in this case, top notes, like the initial burst of citrus in this heavenly blend, represent the zest and enthusiasm of youth. But as the melody progresses and transitions into the melodic second subject of the dominant key, the heart notes emerge, mirroring the depth and complexity we acquire with time.”


Edward nodded, savouring the analogy as Oliver continued. “Bvlgari Man In Black, much like the trek of our own lives, has a strong leather accord at its core – a reminder of resilience and the ability to weather storms. It is the perfumatory of a man who has faced challenges, yet emerged stronger and more refined.” 


Their exchange meandered through memories of shared childhood adventures, college escapades, and the trials of adult life. Oliver painted vivid pictures with his words, intertwining the spirit of the fragrance with anecdotes of success and setback.


“The base notes, Eddie,” Oliver mused, “they are the foundations of our existence. Just like the ever-present warmth of amber and the smoky touch of guaiac wood in Bvlgari Man In Black, these elements ground us and define our essence.”


Edward grinned in accord. 


“Did you know, Ed, that amber has this whole history? It’s been a talisman for courage and self-confidence, like a charm for warriors on the battlefield. It’s even a sign of good luck. And get this, older folks rock it as a sort of representational symbol of wisdom and fortitude. Pretty cool, huh?”


“Ah, I see,” Edward remarked, with a hint of contemplation.


“And, did you ever clock the smoky vibes of guaiac wood? It’s like this allegorical powerhouse, symbolising strength and endurance. People reckon it is a bit of a guard against bad vibes, bringing balance and harmony into your life. It’s got this metaphorical connection to vigour, protection, and grounding, apparently.”


Edward found himself captivated by the poetic comparisons to something so scholarly. “So, my friend, do you believe that life, much like this whiff, is a concoction of various elements that create an exclusive symmetry?” he asked, gently folding the sleeve of his suit. Adjusting the cadence of time on his watch, he stretched his legs, revealing the joyous glimpse of his socks—an exuberant detail accentuating his flawlessly handmade shoes.


Oliver smiled, a glint of wisdom in his eyes. “Precisely, Eddie. Life is an olfactory odyssey, a mélange of highs and lows, sweet and bitter moments, which get imprinted in our memories, often solidified by a rare scent that is accompanying, perhaps even unconsciously, these events. Like in a symphony, life’s pulse leads us through the peaks of bliss and sorrow and all their complexity, whilst imperceptibly and inevitably leads us to its harmonious conclusion. And just like a well-crafted fragrance, it is the equipoise of these elements that creates a masterpiece.”


As the hours passed, the friends delved deeper into the intensities of their lives, their laughter echoing in the quaint café. Each sip of tea carried the resonances of their collective past, and every inhale was accompanied by the constant trail of Bvlgari Man In Black, a testament to the everlasting friendship that had stood the test of time.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city, Oliver and Edward rose from their seats, their conversation concluding like the final notes of a concerto. The fragrance of Bvlgari Man In Black dawdled, a reminder that life, like a well-composed tune, is a passage of synchronisation and parity.


With a firm handshake and a promise to meet again, the two friends parted ways, their footsteps echoing in the cobbled streets of London. The enchanting old-school café stood witness to an indissoluble friendship, enriched by the subtle nuances of life’s equilibrium – an opus that continued to play, with Bvlgari Man In Black as its odorous muse.



Author’s Note:


The parallel drawn between the perfume, life, music, and childhood friendship serves as a symbolic exploration of the intricate layers that make up the human experience. By likening life to the notes of a fragrance, the storyline delves into the idea that our voyage is a composition of various elements—some sweet, some bitter, yet all contributing to a unique and congruent orchestration. 


The fragrance becomes an emblematic creative influence, weaving through the plot to emphasise the enduring nature of profound connections, much like the childhood friendship that has stood the test of time. Just as a scent lingers, so do the reflections of cherished memories and the flexibility forged through the passage of years.


The account intertwines the aromatic journey of Bvlgari Man In Black with the consonance of life and permanent friendship. The title captures the essence of the story, highlighting the fragrance as a central theme and highlighting the euphonic relationship between life’s elements and the timeless bonds of friendship.




Additional dialogues by Evgeny Genchev. 


Much obliged Rahul Karnani, Subi Samuel and Anand Sivakumaran for your time and the invaluable suggestions.