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Adi - My Bazooka Brother

Adi halts midway. “Na, brooo. I’m not bullshitting. I’m telling you the truth – I am the best,” he directs his index finger towards his countenance, “just look at my face. Just look at it bro!”
I observe the unfailing glint of humility in his eyes – something that is as landmark to my Adi as breath is to air. And yet to trouble him I look at him disinterestedly and reply, “Haan mere bachche, you are the best...at bullshitting, don’t I know that? Isn’t your ‘face’ the best proof of that?”
Before I even know it, he swerves into his Taekwondo leap and knocks me down. When I am flat on my back on the grass, he comes close to me and raises his eyebrows, twice, quickly, in a typical mischievous Aditya fashion. “Lagi toh nahin na?” His biceps, no less than bazookas, are within my eyesight, all set to fire off at me if I don’t tell him what he wants to hear, so I internally measure my speech and speak up feigning innocence.
“You are the BEST, my Adi,” I say gulping, “and that is the truth, and you know that na mere bachche,” I pause, “and your face, err,” I stutter and stammer as if to show I am still mortally terrified, “is the living proof of that na mere brooo!”
He inches his head slightly away from me, narrows his eyes, scrutinises me for a few seconds, and then gives me his hand. I heave a sigh knowing full well that my acting has paid off better than his - while the hotshot monkey gets paid for his skill because he is a famous actor and all. To keep up the tempo, I stand up with his support, ooh-ing and aah-ing. He breaks into a loud laugh. I squint. He pats me on my shoulders; “You are also the best, bro! Truly. And I’m not bullshitting,” he points his index finger towards his countenance again.
“Also?” I ask, aghast.
“Drama,” he mutters coolly, as I turn and RUN away as fast as I can!!!

The picture above is of his bazookas that he unleashes on me every time I poke fun at him. The picture below, well, that’s the look on Adi’s face as I’m running away after the, “Also?”

Phew! Kids these days I tell you – they are no less than actual Mafia dons! But what to do, I still love my bachcha, because he is indeed the BEST, and it is these intimate brother-brother moments that make life so much more worth living. What say? Wouldn’t you all agree with me?

(c) of images and words belong to Aditya Seal and Farahdeen Khan