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The October 17th Boys!

Many may be born on the same day, BUT to be connected to them the way Anand and I are connected is something of pure chance and pure bliss. Thank you my dear mate for making life the coolest, day in and day out, with your words of encouragement and inspiration.

All I managed was a mere “Happy birthday, bro!” this morning, and this is what Anand sent me. As you all must have surmised by now I am nowhere close to him to even think, leave alone inscribe something like this, so without much further ado I am sharing what my buddy (whom I share my birthday with) sent me this morning.

Many thanks for your love and all of it right back at you, multiplied a million times over! 

17/10/16, 06:52:41: Anand Sivakumaran:

Dear Fara,

Happy Birthday.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day. And year.

In fact why stop there, I pray that every day henceforth is a never ceasing joyride of adventure and love and exhilaration and enthusiasm and madness and mirth and music.

I pray that this year you truly find yourself and what you want out of everything you do, I pray you have clarity on the kind of people you want to be with and the kind of life you want to live.

And that you then act on this clarity with renewed zeal and get go and make it happen forthwith. May all the forces of the Universe support you on this making you truly the person you were meant to be, shining, dazzling, living the life that was truly your birthright.

I wish for you to love yourself and those around you, unconditionally and totally and for that love to be multiplied manifold and come back to you from every direction. Let there be love in everything you do, every word you speak, let there be an aura of love around you that touches even strangers, let love radiate from your very being.

I wish for infinite joy from the tiniest of things in your life – the smile of a stranger, the tune on a radio, a snowflake, a raindrop, the leaves that lay themselves at your feet, the puddles that invite you to become a 6 year old again…

In fact I wish for you to be a child again at your very core, live with that innocence, carefree sense of adventuring, faith, surrender, optimism, belief in goodness, trust that everything is great and it’s just going to get greater. Which is exactly how it will be in your life, today and forever.

I wish for the unexpected – unexpected breakthroughs that take you to doing what you always wanted to do, being with the kind of loved ones you have dreamt of, having the kind of life experiences, journeys and adventures that have always featured on your bucket list. In fact I pray that you exhaust your bucket list asap and are forced to make many more and you run through them too faster than a roadrunner fleeing Wile E. Coyote.

I wish you have contentment and gratitude and love and bliss in your heart always. That positivity and peace are in your every breath. That goodness becomes a shield around you that nurtures and protects you. That laughter is your best friend and constant shadow. And madness – that keeda/itch to just let your hair down, be crazy, do crazy constantly crops up and you give in to it with wild abandon.

I do not wish you the life you have dreamt of. I wish you that multiplied a million fold and then some. Let life delight and surprise and enchant and entice you always.

To eternal exploring, learning, living, laughing, loving, singing, dancing.
To being alive.
To being you.

To sunshine and snowflakes, raindrops and rainbows, fairy lights and pixiedust, magic and miracles in every moment of your life.

Love and panda hugs.