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Danyal Zafar – The LIGHT of ALL our LIVES!

What is life without your children?
And so the Almighty brought my Danyal into this dark world because he knew that the world needed a light that only my Danyal could bring it.

Kids seldom understand how we feel when we see them all grown up. How we can never stop to swell our chest with pride on how they have turned out. When we express our feelings to them, on occasion they will roll their eyes, and on occasion they will take to their heels, but act as they may, the fact remains that in our hearts, our younger one’s are no less than our children, and we take a bow before the Creator to have given us them that nobody else in this world could dream of having.

To our D
Our perpetual intoxication 

Has my Danny ever rolled his eyes and taken to his heels? Never. On the contrary my Danny is someone who would sit by your side and give you a patient ear because my D knows that the root of all wisdom is in making key choices everyday that are in alignment with his goals, and that every step counts, forwards or backwards, in achieving those goals. That people are most important to help realise those goals. At the same time my D knows that it is not to people that he is accountable, but to his conscience, and therefore he makes certain that he keeps a firm grip on time, because he has gathered over time, that time is indeed a slippery thing: lose hold of it once, and its string might fall out of his hands forever. 

So it is not for nothing that our D is our Danny. He is the light of all our lives. Our perpetual intoxication.