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Progression or Regression?

I am for progress. And I also undoubtedly agree that in a country like ours we need to streamline more than just a lot, and an iron-hand leader is required for such a gargantuan task. That we all know we have for the moment - this iron-hand leader, but I ask a simple question based on the very economic development that is being drummed into people and blaring from every corner of the nation. 
My question is: in one breath one goes around clinching investment opportunities for the growth of the country, and in another breath does not attempt to thwart the polarisation spreading most rampantly akin wildfire. You think the countries you have made deals with are unaware to invest on your shores, when they see that you are silent on all the horrific episodes, one after the other, that are putting our country on the map by making a spectacle of its imbalance and intolerance. You think that anyone would like to bet on a country who shows them the carrot, but is, at the same time, destroying the very fertility of soil the carrot would have to flourish in. 

PS - Do respond ONLY if you have anything worthy to contribute. And with wisdom and not abuse. Do not lose what little respect you have in my eyes by being uncouth.

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