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Namit Khanna

Do you know anyone who has the time to do anything for society in a time that is hard pressed for time? Do you know someone who has the inclination to provide balance in the wake of uncertainty? Do you know dreamers who not just dream, but do? Do you know anyone who says that god gives us dreams a size bigger than we can imagine simply because we can grow in that space? Someone who lives by the adage that there are wonderful things to be done, and they won’t be done until one of us doesn’t end up taking the initiative of doing them? Well, while most of you might be thinking that someone of this nature is perhaps unreal in our age, or even that I might perhaps be describing, say, a super hero, I’d say you are all so wrong because it is time to brace yourself and be acquainted with Namit Khanna. No matter how harsh or bleak the world seems, he is someone who not only brings his sunshine to the surrounding he occupies, but sprinkles euphoria from his exquisite soul along the path he treads.

Not many know that besides being a model par excellence, Namz, as I fondly refer to him, is also a spectacular photographer. And what a lovely distinction it is indeed to observe that the man who helps others realise countless avatars of their mind’s eye while offering himself as a subject, is himself a keen and rather artistic observer of life and nature at large. In keeping with his humble nature, he would possibly choose to remain in the background, but I am afraid I won’t let the bum remain in the background, so here is a sneak peek at some of his work.


My View of Mauritius 


(I will be updating this blog with Namit's photographs so kindly check back regularly. Thank you.)